Saturday, September 07, 2019

Kansas City TMC Union Fight Roundup

Here's an important update from The Pitch about an organized labor struggle wherein KCMO taxpayers have a stake given that our HEALTH LEVY helps fund the hospital accused of union busting tactics.


TMC lab and tech workers escalate fight to unionize

Following a rally out in front of Truman Medical Center's Hospital Hill Campus on August 13, the hospital's lab and tech workers have filed an unfair labor practice charge against TMC with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The filing comes after TMC's CEO Charlie Shields failed to respond to a letter a delegation of workers delivered to his office...


Anonymous said...

They need to roll out the guillotines. Worked for the French.

Anonymous said...

They know not what they are trying to do!! Unions are not the answer, finding and being qualified for a job that pays and has the benifits one is after IS, if you dont qualify for the job and has the benifits you are looking for get qualified to get one! Union people are blood sucking pussies, and just as bad if not worse than millenials!!! Been in a Union so I know how that shit works.