Kansas City Tivoli Grindhouse Redux

It's not really the same, the locale is not really as comfortably sleazy but survival and high art fare is close enough for most cinema lovers in an era when Netflix is really America's movie screen . . . Take a look:

Kansas City's Tivoli Theater Gets A Hollywood Ending, Will Re-Open At The Nelson-Atkins Museum

When Kansas City's oldest independent theater closed in April after nearly 40 years in Westport, Tivoli Cinemas owner Jerry Harrington said he didn't expect it to open again. "No, I did not," said Harrington. "I really thought I was retired."


  1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. So in other words some shit developer is going to put in some taxpayer funded shit development where the theater was in Westport.

  3. Shame he basically has to sell out to the corporate establishment.

  4. The museum's floors are going to get sticky after they start showing foreign films (pron) in the auditorium.


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