Monday, September 09, 2019

Kansas City TIPS Breaking City Hall Budget But Is It Helping To Reduce Homicide?!?!

We reported previously ONE MILLION BUCKS IS COMING OUT OF THE GENERAL FUND TO FINANCE THIS EFFORT and now it looks like the cash total is piling BUT the level of local murder still outpaces last year. Read more:

KC Crime Stoppers hits record amount of rewards

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers says it paid a record amount of rewards in August after people called into the TIPS Hotline with information about crimes in the metro. Detective Kevin Boehm with Crime Stoppers said the organization planned to approve $79,000 in rewards at Monday's board meeting.


Anonymous said...

The homicide clearance rate was recently reported to be 43%.
Apparently lots of money out the door with rather slim results.
Strange, even for KCMO, where effective use of tax money with some serious results and accountability is very rare.
Having to pay off people to look out for folks who live in their own community pretty much says all you need to know about the urban core.
Any more marches demanding that the governor take up gun control during the special session?
Willful ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Doesn’t matter how much money they waste on snitches, Petersucker gives the murderous blacks probation so they can keep murdering each other in the name of revenge, revenge is a better word for murder so that makes it acceptable at least according The the killa shitty star that is.

Anonymous said...

Prosecutors don't give time to defendants they recommend it dummy.

Anonymous said...

You get an Escalade, you get an Escalade, you get an Escalade.....sounds like the Demoncratic presidential debates.