Monday, September 30, 2019

Kansas City Tax Fighters Team Up With Urban League Against Corporate Welfare

Politics is for grownups and here's a glimpse right-wing lobbyists working with KCMO urban core leaders in order push back against the continued scourge of local gimmies. Take a look:

Thank You to the Urban League of Greater Kansas City

I remain grateful to the Urban League of Greater Kansas City, and to its president Gwen Grant, for including my essay on economic development incentives and efforts to study the costs and benefits in their new publication, 2019 State of Black Kansas City: Urban Education, Still Separate and Unequal.


Anonymous said...

The Urban League is against corporate welfare unless it's headed for the usual suspect grifters in the urban core.
18th and Vine: over $100 million? No problem.
Tens of millions of city-wide sales taxes for the "Prospect Corridor"? Good "investment".
Shaking down corporations to fund the Urban League? Money so very well-spent.
Where you stand depends on where you sit.
What exactly does the Urban League actually do?

Anonymous said...