Monday, September 09, 2019

Kansas City Symphony Confronts White People Problems And Residents Don't Care

Most of Kansas City hasn't even seen a performance since they were dragged to one during childhood . . . Don't count TKC among those ranks given that this blog has allowed many among our blog community get "comped" in order to garner more culture . . . Nevertheless, here's news for the 1% and their clueless supporters:

Here's Why Kansas City Symphony's Michael Stern Is Staying - And Leaving

Kansas City Symphony music director Michael Stern is leaving but not until 2023. "It's the right decision at the right time," said Stern. "And the way that we're doing it I think is, in my opinion, a model of how such things should happen." On Monday, the Symphony announced renewing Stern's contract through the 2022-2023 season.


Anonymous said...

It is the "right decision". (True)

At the "right time". (False)

He gets to hear three years of some people begging him to stay, and telling him that he is irreplaceable.

He isn't.

Strother Martin said...

Tonys' Kansas City, where Jews (((Stern))) are "White People".

MoDOT Joe said...

A ticket to the Symphony costs less than a ticket to a Chiefs game; and no $60 parking.
Check your facts first Tony.

And I’m glad you people don’t go to the Symphony;
Means I can enjoy it

Anonymous said...

Well most of them do have a white tone of skin. So yea white people.

Anonymous said...

Why would a Chiefs fan want to go? The attendees are polite, aren't drunk, don't paint their faces, wear prison bitch jerseys with another man's name on their backs, etc...