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Quick review of local faith news that caught our interest this morning and just a few shares to get us started for Sunday . . .

Kansas City Catholic Plan

What's up with the diocesan Vision?

Megan Marley Bishop Johnston and a Visioning Team from across the diocese came out with a vision statement and plan of action for the Diocese's immediate future early this year. Under the vision of 'One Family: Restored in Christ, Equipped for Mission', there were three Priorities/areas of focus: Healing Our Family, Growing God's Family, and Using Resources Wisely.

Kansas Catholic Lead Fight Against Abortion

Petition drive seeks to reverse Kansas Supreme Court ruling

by Joe Bollig joe.bollig@theleaven.org KANSAS CITY, Kan. - With a bang of the gavel last April 26, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled the state's 1859 Constitution protected a nearly unlimited "right to abortion" - previously unknown for 150 years. Now, all of Kansas' pro-life laws are in danger of being eliminated.

Blogging Scratch & Back

What the Hell? That's What Local Seminaries are Asking

Christian theologians are rethinking the idea of hell, and it's moving seminaries and other religious schools in the Kansas City area to examine how they teach students about this ancient, disputed concept.

Accordingly, have a good Sunday morning . . .

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  1. You can say I lost my faith in science, and progress.

  2. I looked at the Catholic flow chart and didn’t see the box for “annulment “ so I guess I’m still out.

  3. Keep your states government rights out of my vagina. Fuckwads.


  4. Catholics are the biggest hypocrites ever. Against abortion but they vote democrat and support the very party that wants after birth abortion and support the NWO and one world religion. They think a priest can forgive sins and that a priest is the bridge that connects people to God. I don't recall a priest hanging on the cross for my sins!

  5. ^^^ Nobody hung on a cross for YOUR sins, @9:10 - they don't make crosses that big!

  6. It's a mug's game to go after the Kansas Supreme Court. They run the show. If pressed, they will just invent some new right to get rid of whatever is annoying them. Better to just resign yourself to rule by a black robed oligarchy.

  7. Maybe eternal suffering is not in God’s character, but neither was that little stunt God pulled with the Ark. God has good days and bad days just like the rest of us. One thing is absolutely clear, God doesn’t like homosexuals. Pretty sure he wouldn’t care much for transgenders either, but they didn’t have those back then.

  8. If God doesn't like homosexuals, why did he create so damned many of them?

    And as far as transsexuals, didn't Father Bill have on a pretty dress at Mass this morning?

  9. Byron Funkhouser9/29/19, 1:32 PM

    Hell is a Christian invention.

    Women have been cross dressing since the '60's.

  10. I like the Catholic philosophy of charity and helping others. Catholic parishioners are generally nice people who help others and whose families are made up of former immigrants of Italian, Irish, German, Hispanic and Polish ethnicities.

    However the Catholic Church needs the following major reforms to get back many of the lost flock:

    1. Allow married men to be priests.
    2. Allow women to be priests.
    3. Allowing married people and women to be Priests, will create a tremendous talent pool to draw from. The bible never mentions celibacy and God and Jesus never said Priests have to be celibate. The celibacy requirement has created the environment for the sexual abuse and exploitation issues.
    3. Get rid of the silly robes the priests wear, the goofy bishop hat and staff etc. dating back to the Middle Ages. The stuff just reminds everyone of the Priest scandals.
    4. Eliminate the redundant stuff that is the same Sunday after Sunday after Sunday.
    5. Focus on more parishioner involvement during mass, more current music etc.

  11. Bill is afraid of Hell...that's why he talks about it do much.

  12. Worried you may be going there, Billy?

  13. ......found out what happened to fr. Bob Demming......
    who ran The Cathedral.........
    .......not a credit to his family.


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