Kansas City Star Parent Company Stock Downward Spiral Persists . . .

Quick check-in at the request of our readers, somewhat recent look at the local paper-of-record and the continued hard time for their profit model . . .

Consolidation strategy amid merger talks . . .

Poynter: As Wall Street sours on McClatchy, a longtime lender is now also buying up its stock

Deadline looms . . .

MP: McClatchy Given 18 Months To Become Compliant With NYSE Listing Standards


WS: Those Who Purchased McClatchy Shares Five Years Ago Have A 95% Loss To Show For It

Developing . . .


  1. The second these anti- American leftist started spewing out their filth the good people of Kansas City said fuck you i don’t need your paper for my dog to shit on no more money for you traitors go fuck yourselves

  2. Byron Funkhouser9/29/19, 5:53 PM

    ^^This is why leftists think right wingers are stupid.

  3. but they aren't.....weird!


  4. Can't wait for that paper to go down and yes they are going down.

    Hey Byron go tell it to your illiterate mother.

  5. Anyone who shorted their stock has to be laughing all the way to the bank.
    They most likely encouraged The Star to:
    1. Hire more editorial writing folks- cause more division.
    2. Fire and force great reporters out
    3. Hire old sports writers and their wives
    4. Have them cover city hall “lightly”
    5. Have them take every bleeding heart liberal position
    6. Have them promise to go all digital. (No one has ever made money that way)
    7. Keep hiring liberals...(all conservatives cancel)
    8. Advocate all votes in favor of taxes
    9. Have former writers reveal their liberal ideologies
    10. Keep doing what they are doing...lol

  6. Byron never could buy stock and is a Ruth fucker. Bring it punk bitch.

  7. Poynter: As Wall Street sours on McClatchy, a longtime lender is now also buying up its stock

    This link is only a YEAR OLD, dumbfucks.

  8. ^^^^^ Yet not much has changed, weird.

    Is wall street in love with the stock now? NOPE!

    The stock is still garbage and the company is in even worse shape. Good luck with your Internet fact checking bitch.

  9. The violent and racist leftist owner would rather go broke than admit President Trump is doing one helluva a job! That must really hurt! Hahahahaha!

  10. The sports pages are pretty good (if you don't care about the scores of games that finished after 8 pm), the weather forecast is sometimes right and a few of the comics are somewhat amusing. The rest of the paper stinks. National news comes spinning right out of the NYT, AP or WaPo. Local news consists of whatever facts a reporter can dredge up in a five minute phone call, or from a press release. Then there's the Star's daily scandal, where reporters cherry pick facts and make unstated assumptions in an unsuccessful effort to turn its few remaining readers into an angry mob. Fishing for a Pulitzer I suppose.

    It is certainly not worth the subscription price.


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