Sunday, September 08, 2019

Kansas City Star Newsflash Shocker: Governor Knows Lobbyist!!! Gasp!!!

Here's dead-tree media acting like it's the 90s as they charge top dollar for this Sunday issue that seems like it's about 22 pages full of mostly coupons from local retail outlets just a bit more desperate. Read more:

Parson's longtime friend is a lobbyist, and their money ties could cloud governor's bid

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson pauses for applause as he delivers his State of the State address Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019, in Jefferson City, Mo. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) Associated Press file photo Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and lawmaker-turned-lobbyist Steve Tilley have been friends for years, going back more than a decade to when they served together in the Missouri House.

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Anonymous said...

Other possible shocking news headlines the sinking star could run:

1. Water expected during rain storm!
2. Protesters hold signs displaying outrage
3. Economy should collapse soon- we hate Trump
4. Trump is a racist- despite highest minority employment ever
5. We hate cul-de-sacs. (Actual op-Ed position years ago)
6. Here some more Catholic hate news
7. We will lay-off 120% of employees. Some we will twice.
8. Raises for the bosses
9. Increase subscription prices for old people
10. Our online plan will work by 2095... or so