Saturday, September 14, 2019

Kansas City Royals Owner Regret

Quick reminder that that the lives of the 1% aren't perfect, they're just remarkably easier, more influential and much more interesting than most . . . If we're too believe MSM. Read more:

David Glass said he only had one regret in the 20 years as the Royals owner

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - David Glass leaned on the Royals dugout rail, talking earnestly with third-base coach Mike Jirschele and clutching a baseball in his hand. It was mid-afternoon, 88 degrees and humid. "But I'm here because where else would you want to be on a Saturday evening but the ballpark?"


Anonymous said...

Does Glass regret getting caught in a Detroit Strip Bar in 1999??

Anonymous said...

Regret the good times ? Why ?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Agree. Seems like a weird comment but I get it. He regrets not taking more time to enjoy it. I'm not fan of the guy but he's not completely wrong in that observation about life in general.

Anonymous said...

He did save baseball in Kansas City, it was close to being gone if he hadn’t stepped in, glad he realized it was time to get out and bring in new blood, he can’t live forever.