Sunday, September 01, 2019

Kansas City Royals Fanboys Desperately Want To Get Rid Of Alex Gordon

Team change means it's time to let go of the past and the longtime under-performing "star" who never quite lived up to expectations . . . Check the fan screed and just a bit of statistical evidence for the bittersweet thesis:

It is time for Gordo to ride off into the sunset

I remember watching Jurassic Park for the first time. It was Halloween 1993. My parents didn't want us watching anything too scary but wanted to get the blood flowing I guess, so we sat down as a family and watched it. It was awesome. I loved every second of it.


Anonymous said...

Gordo played the jew, for 73 million.
Gordo isn't stupid.
He is young and rich.

Anonymous said...

Gordon needs to go already. It's nothing personal. Gordo can't hit and has no personality. He never amounted to anywhere near what he was hyped up to being.

Anonymous said...

Gordon blows. The only thing that Gordon does well is blowing bubbles. Please retire already. I would've taken Hosmer, Moose, Cain, or Zobrist over Gordon anyday. In the end Glass kept the wrong guy.

Anonymous said...

The outrage from the Gordon haters will be hilarious when #4 goes up next to 5, 10 and 20.

Anonymous said...

As long as retires I'll be happy. He's eating up the payroll and the lineup. This town has been trying to make him into a hero since the beginning and he just never lived up to it. Part of it is his personality, or lack thereof, and the other part of it is the fact that he can't hit the ball.

Unknown said...

It’s great a Midwest boy broke it off in some backstabbing Jews ass for millions usually it’s the other way around of coarse the Jew broke it off in some other Jews ass for the whole team figures