Thursday, September 05, 2019

Kansas City Restaurant Uprising: Foodies Refuse Local Instagram Influencers

We savor this bit of online gamesmanship from The Pitch as the offer a welcomed dead-tree screed against so many locals who believe that anybody cares about social media opinions that don't involve booty/cleavage pix. Read more:

Everything is literally goals for the Instagram influencers devouring Kansas City's food scene

Before the opening are the openings, and the evening of Wednesday, June 26, is the "media and influencers" preview at Fox & Pearl. The earthy Westside eatery is showing off its new and, by the looks of it, rather costly digs inside a rehabbed brick building at the corner of Summit Street and Avenida Cesar E.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the "Influencers" and "Foodies" in this Town are all "people who used to be something" doesn't it?
Or is that just the Pitch's journalistic style now that it "used to be a Magazine"?

Anonymous said...

^^^Well it's better than being a nothing as you surely know. Right?

chuck said...

Where was Tony????