Friday, September 13, 2019

Kansas City Remains EPIC Dump

Overview of a constant problem that cost taxpayers big bucks WHILST CITY HALL REFUSES TO REINSTATE REGULARLY SCHEDULED BULKY ITEM PICKUP . . . Which might help alienate the crisis.

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Illegal dumping still a problem, though seeing improvement

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Earlier this week, the city cleaned up nearly 2,100 tires, which weighted more than 500 pounds, in just one spot in Kansas City. All of that cleanup work costs taxpayers. To clean up those tires, for example, it cost $3,700. There are 17 known dumping sites in Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

If these dumps are in the ghetto, just leave them there.

Anonymous said...

If this happened downtown the whole police dept would hunting down suspects 24/7, since it’s not, who cares

Anonymous said...

If they know of these 17 dump sites why aren’t they stopping them?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of putting out a picture book showing all the curb couches, chairs, plastic toys, mattresses, bookshelves, and anything else one can carry to the curb. Surely there is some company out there who can recycle or re-use this crap and keep it out of landfills.