Kansas City Public Radio Shares Embattled Jackson County Prosecutor Story

NPR progressive media outlet profiles the chair of the Democratic Party in Missouri and Courthouse power player in this supportive piece that offers perspective on conflicts which arise in doing one of this town's most important jobs. Read more:

Though Crime And Conflict Are Constants, Jackson County Prosecutor Says Her Job Is A 'Privilege'

On Friday, when Jerry Bausby got two life sentences for the sexual assault and murder of his 18-year-old daughter, it was the culmination of three years of work for Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. Daizsa Bausby was a star student at the now-closed Southwest High School.


  1. Jean Peters Baker is an affirmative action hire. And she has run Jackson County as an affirmative action hire. No matter how much the county has grown violent. No matter how much the county's murder and crime rate has rose, there are useful idiots like Dana Wright and Scott Parks who fawn all over her and thinks she could be Gov of Missouri.


  2. Her job is a privilege? Well of course it is she, doesn't do anything.

  3. Restorative justice ...DOES NOT AND HAS NEVER WORKED.. she has established this practice as the Baseline of her office. As long as this absurd theory on Justice is in place, murder and other assorted crimes will rise. You've got to punish those who break the law. Not try to change them. Does the Sheep try to change the wolf? No the Sheep avoids the wolf because they know the wolf will kill them.

  4. One of the many problems with Jaxco right here. A prosecutor who can't wait to get criminals back on the streets.

  5. Jean Petersucker Baker is worthless as a prosecutor, unless you are a violent hoodrat criminal. Then Jean Petersucker Baker is the best friend you could ever hope for. She and the liberal fag judges are the reasons our crime rate to increase.

  6. The apes are just like the towelheads give them a pass and they’ll do the same thing over and over again. Once we start executing the apes we’ll turn the corner oh yes and to the towelheads go fuck yourselves and your psycho religion

  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah, wax eloquently about job satisfaction all you want honey...just put dangerous people behind bars for as long as possible. It really is a simple equation.

  8. Though Crime And Conflict Are Constants, Jackson County Prosecutor Says Her Job Is A 'Privilege'


    Jean Peters Baker
    Jim Kanatzar - now a judge
    Mike Sanders - now incarcerated
    Claire McCaskill - now a media consultant
    Albert Riederer - now deceased

  9. Petersucker is the dumbest piece of shot that ever was, well, it might be a tossup between her and Frankie boy, typical do nothing dummocraps. The amount of damage these two morons have caused is staggering.

  10. KCUR and law enforcement what a joke combo that is. Open boarder pinko Socialist foregive and forget law enforcement is why we are in the crime infested shit hole we find our selves in.


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