Monday, September 16, 2019

Kansas City Peacekeeper Murdered

Tragic follow-up on one of many recent murders, here's the latest confirmation of local violence spiraling out of control:

Anti-violence advocate killed in shooting on Independence Avenue

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- People know the man killed on Independence Avenue as someone who dedicated his life to helping others. Police are still investigating what led up to the shooting at a convenience store, though a store employee said there had been some sort of argument between at least three people.


WOW said...

DUH!! A Cracker at a Liquor store in the hood, who was a anti violence actitivist...any questions??? are people really this stupid? Apparently he was!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ real person with a real family and people who loved him. He was helping h is community. Unlike you who, a blog troll who doesn't matter enough to find real friends to talk to at night.

Anonymous said...

This sends a strong message to Peace Keeper Boss Reverend Bishop Tony Cardwell? Wonder if it had to do with a real estate scam?

Anonymous said...

Beware of the negro.