Kansas City Parklets: WORST IDEA EVAR

We might revisit this one but if any of our very dedicated readers have a take on this, please share . . . Because it seems like one of the most useless ideas we've seen from City Hall so far.

Take a look:

'Parklets' could be landing in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City, Missouri, councilman is working an ordinance that would pave the way for sidewalk extensions known as "parklets" to be installed in the city. "The idea is just to reclaim a little bit of extra pavement for the use of people," Councilman Eric Bunch said.


  1. Rather than parklets, we should bulldoze the ghetto and create a huge park.

  2. So, ALL the potholes have been fixed , sidewalks repaired so folks in wheelchairs have access, gutters cleaned to prevent More potholes and flooding, and the illegal dumping put to a halt? Sure, super idea. Cue the crickets. Exit stage left. Cut off the lights when you leave.

  3. More room for meth heads to pace around.

  4. Just another BIG BIG new idea and something for a ribbon-cutting by Lucas, followed by the usual complete lack of maintenance on the part of KCMO, followed by the "parklets" becoming eyesores and places for more bad things to happen.
    Does anyone at city hall ever try to look ahead at the consequences of their actions?
    And can anyone at city hall ever say NO to the endless line of pitchmen with all this crap for the taxpayers to be burdened with?
    Fix the streets.
    Hire more cops and deploy them into the high-crime areas.
    Get a handle on the water department.
    Let everyone know when that's been done.

  5. I have recently suggested that the CC Plaza close off a street or two through the commercial center, and experiment with temporary seating/shade-elements and thus make the area more pedestrian friendly. This might be good for merchants, and would slow/re-route the traffic that now speeds through the area at rush hour. This is done on a large scale in Barcelona (Spain) and has greatly improved the shopping experience for merchants in those areas.


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