Sunday, September 01, 2019

Kansas City News Sunday Lineup

Quick look at the hottie discourse to inspire our news journey for Sunday . . .

1stPost: Victoria’s Secret models call #TimesUp on sexual harassment; is fashion industry's #MeToo reckoning here?

Jezebel: Oh, Look, Victoria's Secret F*cked Up Again

Barrons: Victoria’s Secret Will Keep Dragging Down L Brands Stock, Analyst Says

Closer to home, here are just a few of the news links we're checking right now . . .

Kansas City Hipsters Pastime

Disc Golf: Kansas City's Famed Fringe Sport

Deep in the wooded bluffs along Historic Northeast Kansas City's Cliff Drive, midsummer afternoons buzz with the sound of cicadas and an occasional rattle of chains. The hum of East Bottoms industry below is subdued, aside from an occasional train whistle. There's hardly a break in the surrounding greenery.

Burger King Revival

Creating a model that sets the curve for Opportunity Zone investment - Kansas City Business Journal

It's been five years since the Ruskin Hills neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri, had a new business come in. It was a Burger King.

Meet New Artsy Honcho

Kansas City Repertory Theatre Names New Artistic Director

The Kansas City Repertory Theatre on Sunday announced that Stuart Carden will become its new artistic director. His first day in the office will be Tuesday, Sept. 3. "This is all so fresh," Carden told KCUR.

Show-Me 2nd Chance

New Missouri program will teach inmates to become ministers

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - The Missouri Department of Corrections is partnering with a university to launch college-level classes designed to train murderers, rapists and other long-term inmates to be ministers. The program with Hannibal-LaGrange University is expected to begin in December, offering a bachelor's degree that focuses 60% on counseling and 40% on theology, the St.

NextGen Kangaroo Leader

Ready for change: Running for office as a 21-year-old college student

When I made the decision to run for school board in Kansas City, Kansas, I knew I would be challenged because of my youth, but I couldn't sit back and wait to make a change because of my age. I made the decision to run for school board out of anger.

Classic KC Pix Debut

Nelson-Atkins Museum shows some of the oldest photographs in the world

Unknown maker. Bond & Mollyneaux groceries and provisions, California, ca. 1851. Daguerreotype, whole plate, 8 1/2 × 6 1/2 inches. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Missouri, Gift of the Hall Family Foundation, 2008.6.3.Photography was just beginning when the first California gold was discovered in 1848.

2019 Hype List Revealed

Chiefs' full 53-man roster revealed after cuts

The Kansas City Chiefs have made their cuts to get the roster down to 53 players. To do so, they kept three quarterbacks, five running backs (including fullback Anthony Sherman), five wide receivers, three tight ends, nine offensive linemen, 10 defensive linemen, six linebackers, nine defensive backs and three specialists.

Katie Sunday Hot Talk

Sunday sun warms things up

Sunday temperatures top out in the lower 80s.

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Anonymous said...

Kansas City has become an idiot magnet.

Anonymous said...

Who goes to the Nelson-Atkins to see art? They want to go there for food trucks, red cup beer, and putt putt golf on the front lawn.

Anonymous said...

Google and Amazon use smart speakers for 'surveillance,' top tech investor says.

Shh don't let the mindless herds see this. Your a vestor damn it! STFU!

Anonymous said...

Stuart Carden

Hi Thweety!

Anonymous said...

Q needs to get out the mirrors and turn the smoke machine back on.

Anonymous said...

When the Missuz gets a look at KC, she'll be back there as fast as she can navigate her way through the KCI mess!

But, give Quinton, Troy and the Gopher three years, and they'll have the Streetcar extended to ChiTown, at a cost slightly over 3 years US GNP!

Reality Speaker said...

"designed to train murderers, rapists and other long-term inmates to be ministers."

It boggles the mind! There is just too much to say about this. One must use common sense to consider the idiocy of the above program description, on so many levels, including wasted taxes.

Hyperblogal said...

Too bad the re-training program is too late... I would love to see "Father Manson."

Grip Madlock said...

If their charges include child rape and molestation than they 1 foot up on the competition