Monday, September 23, 2019

Kansas City Monday Mugshot: New KCI Parking Stays Losing?!?!

Real life look at more dangerous challenges facing the new airport and the HORRIBLE TRAFFIC AMID A CONSTRUCTION HOT MESS . . . All of which might create more opportunity for the suspected criminal class. Checkit:

Police led on pursuit after vehicle stolen from KCI

BATES COUNTY, MO (KCTV) - Police were led on a pursuit after a vehicle was stolen from KCI. Deputies in Bates County were notified of a pursuit coming into Bates County from Linn County, Kansas on Sunday. The deputies were told that the vehicle being pursued was a white 2019 Ford F150.


Anonymous said...

Meth tweaker if I ever saw one. Related to Byron I bet. He has people located in Missouri.

Anonymous said...

“Traffic Mess but Dammit we cant blame this on MoDOT.”

Byron Funkhouser said...


No, I don't, troll.

Anonymous said...

^^Yes you do as you just proved.

Anonymous said...

Some early stage Meth madness kicking in right there.