Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Kansas City Midweek Movie Night

Because it's not all politics all the time . . . After the jump we pick a few clips and visual stories that offer a nice glimpse of this town for our not-so-cynical denizens of the late night. Enjoy!

As Seen In Midtown

"Sike Style painted a mural on the side of the Drugstore in Westport, Kansas City, Missouri."

Music On Kansas City Streets

The Story Of Local Donuts

"When you walk into Donutology the first thing you notice is that this isn’t just another donut shop. There’s the bright color scheme, the beakers filled with toppings, and artwork from KCAI students lining the chalkboard walls. But mainly, there’s the donuts. -- “We’ve found that what we do is not just about delivering on our promise to provide fresh, handmade donuts everyday that taste really good — it’s about making people really happy.”

And so . . .

Hopefully, we'll have more for the morning update that might or might not be sometime before the sun comes up: STAY TUNED!!!