Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Kansas City Life Honcho Earns Top Ranking For Corporate Jet Shaming

Our commenters regularly lament: "Don't be a hater" and so we advise locals to read this one closely and realize that the report indicates the guy's grandpa worked very hard for this media ranking . . . Read more:

America's #1 Corporate Jet Abuser?

R. Philip Bixby, CEO - Leaving on a Jet Plane Kansas City Life has long been a family affair. Walter E. "Ed" Bixby was named president of Kansas City Life in 1939 and things have been kept in the family ever since. He named his son J.R. Bixby president in 1964.


Anonymous said...

They should take the electric scooters like every unemployed 30 year confused gender kid. We could ensure China dominates us and every commie lover is happy. Meanwhile , I need to go to Starbucks for the Pumpkin Grande , continue to type on my Mac Pro, then get my I phone screen fixed so I can post more Jet shaming.

Anonymous said...

^^don't forget your diaper change and that Matlock Marathon! You've got a big day geezer!

Anonymous said...

The Bootlicker Said:

"I'm not poor I'm just an inconvenienced billionaire. There should be tax cuts for the rich and free jets because one day I'll be in their shoes by picking myself up by my own bootstraps"!

Anonymous said...

"life insurance" is for suckers

Anonymous said...

^^^And for people who want to leave their family financially secure if they die early. So that would not include you.