Friday, September 06, 2019


Electric scooters liter plaza sidewalks and City Hall FINALLY listens to local complaints. Checkit:

KMBC: KC bans deployment of scooters on Country Club Plaza after issues

The report tells us that scooters can still be ridden on the Plaza; businesses had issues with them being parked and ridden on sidewalks. And so the KCMO crackdown basically means that scooter companies are discouraged for dumping a ton of their junk machines at the posh entertainment district location and hoping for the best.

Remember that electric scooters were plucked from the Plaza around this time last year as well.

Given the environmental disaster AND the sketchy finances for electric scooter companies . . . Count this more bad news for a form of transit that's experimental and extremely flimsy.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Reinstate the ban. Get them out of there before hurt themselves or someone else.

Anonymous said...

This gutless maneuver apparently follows the KCMO "soft ban" on homicides.
It's just too hard to do the correct and responsible thing for the public if it might hurt someone else's feelings.
Other serious cities with actual responsible governments have banned this childish fad for the danger it poses to drivers, users, and pedestrians, all three.
Winter's coming and the scooters will be left in snowdrifts all over town.
Good time to put them out of their misery

Anonymous said...

Use throw away debt card. Drive scooter into flush creek. Repeat.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a license policy and better track. The scooters are endangering pedestrians and cars. The companies are not being held accountable.

Anonymous said...

Scooters are so gay

Anonymous said...

With a homosexual driving each and every scooter.

Anonymous said...


The next press release concerning downtown baseball redevelopment could come in the form of a mushroom cloud!!!

Reality said...

When you see someone riding a scooter its either a lesbian or a fag! A real man would never ride that gay shit!, and a real man wouldnt hop on the KCMO street car either! So when you see a dude on a scooter just know he's a fag, and when you see a dude riding the KCMO street car just know he is a fag too! Real hetro men dont ride shit like that, they ride pussy.