Kansas City Late Night Reflection

Public TV tugs at local heartstrings with this missive and quick clip on the topic uncomfortable commercial legacies from not that long ago . . .

"What happened to Sambo's Restaurants??? As associate professor of African-American Studies and editor of the Langston Hughes Review from the University of Kansas, shares his experience about going to Sambo’s as a child in California. He also discusses the history around the name Sambo, and the implications of using the word to make money."

Hopefully more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. Very interesting.

    More appropriate for this blog would have been: What ever happened to Chi-Chis?


  2. The Story of Little Black Sambo is a children's book written and illustrated by Scottish author Helen Bannerman, and published by Grant Richards in October 1899 as one in a series of small-format books called The Dumpy Books for Children. The story was a children's favourite for more than half a century.

    The whole concept of the restaurants had nothing to do with race it was only later that it was made about race. Look you can't change history and you can't twist events that happened over a hundred years ago in a story into common day racists type accusations.

  3. ^^^^ Well you can, but there are a few people who might actually notice. Great comment 1:07.

    Obviously, since there aren't many of these restaurants around now, the cultural bullying worked.

  4. There is a virtual scrap yard of perceived offensive businesses, products, statues, flags, photos, songs, people, cartoons, movies, etc., don't forget the many words and of course insensitive comments like these.

    Offense and outrage is now ingrained in our society. In retrospect and comparison, older past generations were much stronger people who were the ones who actually experienced real adversity and who pursued righteous causes which effectively changed the nation.

  5. ^^ Fuck You Ya Pussy

  6. ^^^^ Perfect example right there! Denigrating kitty kats. So sad.

  7. ^^^^ Also a pretty good illustration of the mental capacity and inventive rhetoric of "Keyboard Commandos"!

  8. ^^ Called Freedom of Speech you mental midgets.

  9. Byron Funkhouser9/24/19, 10:44 AM

    The First Amendment does not actually give you "free speech".

    Conservatives lie about the First Amendment just as much as they do about the Second.

    "Congress shall make no law ..."

    When did "Congress" become "no one"?

    When a "well regulated militia" became an unregulated lone gunman.

    1. Thank God the only thing you will ever be in charge of are a few posts on a blog.


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