Kansas City House Party Ends In Gunfire

Suburban youngsters on the nice side of the bridge earn a life lesson about public gatherings, security and the proliferation of guns in the U.S. as this clip inspires fear but also demonstrates a teachable moment wherein, thankfully, nobody was seriously injured.

Take a look:

Northland neighbors uneasy after house party ends in chaos with guests running from gunfire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A house party in the Northland that ended in gunfire has neighbors on edge. Homeowners FOX4 spoke to said the Chateau Estates neighborhood is normally pretty quiet, but bullet holes on the side of a house show it was anything but peaceful this weekend.


  1. North isn't what it used to be. Even the nice neighborhoods are going downhill with low class whites using harder drugs.

  2. Low Class Whites? OMG LOL...... Can you say white-nigga's, nigga's, and span-yairds? It's the generation of these kiddies.......... And once they get busted they all yell out, "MOMMA".......................

  3. Northland became trash really quickly. Basically have to live north of barry road if you don't want to deal with the all the bullshit that sprouted up

  4. Well that part of the northland has not been the best. Older people but now they are gone its kindy trashy.


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