Kansas City Hobo Grenade Was For Realz

It's important to break down stereotypes . . . TKC mistakenly thought our lovable scamps on local streets were only armed with rusty spoons and crazy stories . . . Turns out they're carrying heavy artillery sometimes. Checkit:

Grenade found downtown Kansas City was live, found in homeless person's belongings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A grenade that was found downtown on Sept. 18 was live, police said. Kansas City police said that the grenade was found in a pile of belongings that appeared to belong to someone who was homeless, they said in a tweet. They are not sure who left it there.


  1. His sign read "Homeless with a hand grenade. Future disabled vet. Please help".
    They're still a bunch of loveable lugs. With a sense of humor it turns out.


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