Saturday, September 14, 2019

Kansas City Great Italian Debate

Check local suggestions and worthwhile listings from foodie experts who serve up a bit of hope for a renaissance in Kansas City ethnic food offerings. Read more:

Food Critics: The Best Italian Dishes In Kansas City In 2019

Whether you begin a meal with "buon appetite" or "tuck in," Central Standard's Food Critics can point you in the direction of a hearty dish personalized to your palette. Pitch food writer Liz Cook says we're living in a good time to find a range of Italian cuisine.


Anonymous said...

To fight climate change. It is recommended you eat plants, insects, and non food edibles.

Anonymous said...

Bon App├ętit! Finish your best Italian dish, as recommended by Liz, Now, look around you. Examine the city in which you live. There are crises, chaos, and mayhem everywhere.

Never fear. Artisan flavored Maalox to save the day.

Anonymous said...

Best Italian Food in Kansas City?
Takeout from anyplace on "The Hill" in St. Louis, brought back here on the "HYPErtrain"!