Kansas City 'Girl Power' Comedy Revenge

Not sure, but this MIGHT qualify as corporate sensitivity training for our more creative Kansas City worker-bees.

Read more on what might be the most truly awful consequence of the #MeToo movement as life hasn't really change much for working-class ladies who don't have access to well-deserved MSM entertainment industry push back. Read more:

Ladies Laugh Lounge Event Promises To Bring Girl Power/Girl Humor - In Kansas City

Maybe you've heard of ladies who lunch, but have you heard of ladies who laugh? This Tuesday night, several of the metro's funniest femme fatales are coming together for some girl power/girl humor. We caught up with writer Becky Blades who organized the upcoming Ladies Laugh Lounge event at the Comedy Club of Kansas City and...


  1. Wow all that on a Tuesday night ! These broads know how to party.


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