Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Kansas City E-Bike Geek Guide

Hint and Spoiler alert: Supplies are limited outside the loop, Midtown & the Plaza or wherever hipsters abandon their poseur-dom and jump back into a car. Checkit:

The Routes

A: The State Liner B: The Midtowner C: The Hyde Parker D: The Northeaster E. The Swope Parker F: The Northtowner G: Benton H: KCK


Anonymous said...

Be sure to ride Armour Road in NKC. IT's nice and fucked up for everyone butt the spandexers.

Anonymous said...

Since the day it was adulterated I have yet to se 1 bicycle on Armour Rd. Same for bike lane on Barry going to Zona Rosa,. Nada!. It is the most stupid waste of money I have ever seen. Bikes and cars mix only in Brookside. Sorta.