Sunday, September 15, 2019

Kansas City Cinematic Faith Life Explored

Probably the best devotional post of the day . . . A local church publication share this missive and deconstruction of a movie that was overlooked but still adored by the faithful.

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How The Godfather made me a better Christian

by Joe Bollig In a 1991 interview with Bob Costas, actor Robert Duvall said the reason "The Godfather Part III" was made was simply because of the money. Ultimately, he turned down a part in the film to reprise the character Tom Hagen, because the producers didn't offer him what he felt was a sufficient salary.


Tracy Thomas said...

Excellent link, thanks Tony.
Few of us go to TKC for an excellent sermon or homily--
some for a movie review.

this one was top notch.

And gives new meaning to the term, "hell bent"...

greg said...

Priests should take their own advice. They are bathed in christianity yet worship idols, man made traditions and a deceased jewish woman named Mary. They are dry inside

OyVeh you could do worse than worshipping a Jewish woman said...

Following greg's reasoning,
I guess this would indicate that GREG IS ALL WET!

The cardinal in Godfather III is a fictional character, of course.

Does Greg dismiss entire chunks of spirituality, one wonders?
And how did he "commune" this morning?
By reading TKC,
going to some other nurturing communal group, or playing frisbee with his dog--
because as every dyslexic knows, D-O-G is just God spelled backwards.

Anonymous said...

"Spirituality" is a myth, the reality is simply mental masturbation.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the mob is so respectful of Priests and the catholic church. Yet are completely unethical and do everything against the 10 commandments. Guess they think lip service will fool God and they will be ok after they die? How stupid a thought. Our dumb and imperfect justice system spends millions to convict a criminal, and then more money to keep them in prison. A God seeking perfect justice will go to much greater lengths to ensure every sin is punished. God has all the time in the universe and all the resources to make it happen. To some cursed souls, God will make Hitler look like a kind toddler. Beware the wrath of God!

Anonymous said...

loved this article. thanks for linking it T.