Sunday, September 15, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Raiders Open Thread

An early season battle for AFC West SUPREMACY as Kansas City must live up to pre-season hype and the Oakland scumbags don't have much to lose.

Here are the better links we're reading for game time . . .

Nice Kansas City Contract

Chiefs protected with Tyreek Hill's contract in event of personal conduct violations thanks to voidable guarantees

The Chiefs' recent contract extension with Tyreek Hill includes exhaustive protections for the club in the event the receiver runs afoul of the law again or is found to have not been truthful in the investigation into allegations that he broke his child's arm, according to numerous sources who have studied the language of the contract.

A.I. Antagonism

Vegas Computer Predicting A Major NFL Upset Today

The college football world saw a couple of notable upsets on Saturday, with top 25 teams Michigan State, Maryland and USC all losing to unranked foes. Will we get any big upsets in the NFL today? OddsShark's computer is predicting a huge one.

The Prankster Speaks!!!

Chiefs fan who buried Kingdom flag under Raiders new stadium speaks out

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The Las Vegas construction worker who buried a Chiefs flag under the Raiders' new stadium spoke out to KCTV5 News this week, reflecting on his heroic act and the aftermath.

Flimsy Oakland Argument???

Three reasons Raiders could upset Kansas City Chiefs in week two

Even with a dominant outing by the Kansas City Chiefs ' offense in week one against what was supposed to be a good Jaguars defense, their defense didn't look very good. That is the main reason the Oakland Raiders could squeak by with a victory in this game.

Taking Stock In Local Star

Stocks Versus Stat: Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes or Boeing?

Let's talk about Fantasy stats versus stocks. In case you missed it, Jim Cramer has launched, a website dedicated to Fantasy Football. He and Fantasy Football expert Bill Enright host a show every Tuesday and Thursday to bring Fantasy Football managers all of the advice and knowledge that they need to know to prep their teams. But, of course, Cramer can't avoid the stock market.

By The Numbers

Chiefs vs. Raiders: five stats to know

We all know numbers never lie - you know, most of the time - so here are five stats to know ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs ' final bow in the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum against the Oakland Raiders . The Chiefs will be without Tyreek Hill for the foreseeable future, including this game against Oakland.

Big Game Debate Cont'd

Many States Backing The Kansas City Chiefs To Win The Super Bowl-Should You? - Sports Betting News

Posted on September 14, 2019, by Travis Pulver Deciding who you want to win the Super Bowl is easy. We 'want' our favorite team to win it. But if we are asked who we would bet on to win the big game, most of us would not say our favorite team.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for Sunday . . .


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I think the sports news people maybe put themselves out there too soon with the Superbowl talk that will look a little bit silly in retrospect. Don't get me wrong Chiefs are a great team but I wouldn't say any AFC team is looking dominant just yet. And none of these game Count until after Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...



Paddy said...

Looks like they're struggling against the Raiders. Should win but not exactly high level football.

Gobi said...


Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ Grow up.

Gobi said...



Gobi said...

And another touchdown for Robinson. 4 in a row for Mahomes. What was that about upset? That computer needs to be updated.

Anonymous said...

28-10 at the half. Game is won.

Anonymous said...

I’m just enjoying the moment watching Mahomes play quarterback, right now. If they get to the Super Bowl fine.

For all you fags that are worrying about the Super Bowl in week 2 of the season, fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City Chiefs = Meghan Markle Yacht girl knees.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sorry hater bitches. They won. Big time.

Anonymous said...

Mahomes wins with 3 quarters tied behind his back.