Kansas City Chiefs Classic Faux Pas

The coach isn't one of the most refined local celebs but after a tough win, that can be forgiven . . . Take a look:

Andy Reid thinks Mozart is a painter ... honestly

Andy Reid is on a September roll. His Kansas City Chiefs are 4-0 and have won 11 straight in the first month of the season overall. That got Reid so fired up he confused Mozart with a painter and a...


  1. Dumb Em' Down9/30/19, 7:33 AM

    Surprised he even knows the name Mozart

  2. Don’t care about the cheaps

  3. Joe Theismann referred often to "Norman Einstein" and Black players in the NFL and NBA, educated masterminds that they are, think they are working on the "Plantation".

    With few exceptions, Professional Sports produces high quality athletes with wattage between the ears capable of lighting up only the very small worlds they inhabit.

  4. Antonio Brown enrolled in college during his suspension. This is what he tweeted last night.

    "My English paper do by tonight 12am need a prof reader make sure As and Bs #Eng303,”.

  5. ^^^Stop talking sports nutbar, you don't know it. Stick to idiotic conspiracy theories moron. Get your lazy ass to work!

  6. ^^You get to work asshole!

  7. So what? He's a football coach, not a symphony conductor. Horrors, I'll bet he sometimes uses his salad fork to eat his steak.

  8. Which one is the salad fork?

  9. Reid said it as a joke. Anyone who has even listened to a single Reid press conference knows he does stuff like this on purpose because he has a decent sense of humor


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