Sunday, September 08, 2019


And so the real games begin with a solid win and a look at a tougher season for the Kansas City Chiefs this time around . . . Here's what we noticed.

- Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes won't make it to the end of the season intact if he can't get better protection. If fact, he already looks a bit wobbly.

- The Tyreek Hill injury could be devastating and his health might determine the fate of the team.

- Sammy Watkins was today's bright spot and his better understanding of the Chiefs offense could yield an important new weapon.

- Football is now basketball. The high scoring games no longer indicate dominance as the game continues to evolve.

- A win is a win. This first was critical in getting the team off on the right foot and prepared for a tougher season wherein the competition will no longer underestimate their skill.

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Kansas City Feet Of Clay?!?!

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes claims to be fine after playing through ankle sprain

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes suffered an ankle sprain during today's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Mahomes stayed in the game after having his ankle taped up, effectively shaking off the injury. He was in some clear discomfort and couldn't step into many of his throws following the injury.

Kansas City Overall Winning

Kansas City Chiefs dominant on offense in week one victory vs Jaguars

There isn't much to gripe about when the Kansas City Chiefs beat a potential playoff team in the season opener. That's just what happened on Sunday when the Chiefs strolled into Jacksonville and didn't let the hot temperatures or the hot temper of the Jaguars slow their offense down.

Injury Aftermath Report

Source: Chiefs' Hill hurts clavicle, out weeks

2:26 PM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill suffered a collarbone injury that will not require surgery but will cause him to "miss a few weeks," a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Sunday.

Play Of The Day

Kansas City Chiefs Receiver Sammy Watkins Rips Off 68-Yard Touchdown Catch

Editorial Sammy Watkins (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video Kansas City Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins started the season off with a bang on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Watkins caught a short pass from Patrick Mahomes, and ripped off an incredible 68-yard touchdown. The defense was pathetic, but his breakaway speed was still very impressive.

Locals Hate Legacy Media

CBS switched away from the Chiefs game in Kansas City and fans were furious

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images It takes a lot to shut down Patrick Mahomes, but CBS managed to find a way on Sunday. During the fourth quarter of the Chiefs' season opener against the Jaguars, CBS told viewers that it was switching away from Chiefs-Jaguars for a "more competitive" Browns-Titans game.

And so we ask our blog community if this is an important first step toward Super Bowl glory . . .

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Lots to be excited about but I think "dominant" is stretching it a bit too far. Great start but it's a long season.

Anonymous said...

Watkins > Hill. Will gladly take the new guy without all of the baggage rather the Hill's family problems.

Gobi said...

OMG. this is the only blog to almost completely focus on the negative and overlook the score. Just glad that not even TKC could overlook Sammy Watkin's incredible play. To answer the question, yet this was the first step toward a great season and what you didn't mention was that the team look unified and eager to play a tough team on the road. This is the best squad KC has ever seen and the win wasn't just impressive but a sign of things to come.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Save it for the fan blogs, pal.

Anonymous said...

Not into football sorry

Anonymous said...

^^^^ If anybody cared what you were into, they would ask. Until then. Please pleasure yourself with the knowledge that nobody cares. Weird.

Everyone said...


Anonymous said...

I pleasure myself watching your wife

Brodyman said...

^^^^ this is KC so I guess you're into 300lb babes?


To each there own. Good luck with your cuck.

Anonymous said...

You mean this wasn't the super bowl and we didn't already win? How much more of this B.S., yuck.

- Garnish

Anonymous said...

Lol thats funny

Anonymous said...

Fuck CBS!!!!

Anonymous said...

The swiss chiefs defense lives - and dies - per the usual. Giving up 26 to a JACK team that has no offense save, RB Fournette (and then lost its starting QB Foles), affirms there is still no D in KC.

Playing against a 6th round rookie draftee in his first game ever at QB NFL, Gardner Minshaw carved up the 2019 version of a sieve, Kansas City. Those 13 straight completions his to start his career? A new NFL record a QB's debut, 22-25 88% and 2 td passes outshone anything our KC benchwarmer KC did in his rookie season, 2016. Patrick who? Best young QB' in the NFL are AFC's Watson in HOU and Jackson in BALT

After 1 week, Ravens and Patriots look head and shoulders above the rest in the AFC, Chargers and Steelers honorable mention with the Texans too likely in the mix.

swiss chiefs? 'Wait till next year', part 2020, verse 51!

Anonymous said...

National Anthem Curse will sink the Chiefs again.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment @ 9:26 - Pretty much nailed it. Well done.

Anonymous said...

@9:26-You seem really dumb & really old.

Anonymous said...

^^Ha! So true.