Sunday, September 08, 2019

Kansas City Catholic Shame Roundup

Overview of this week's drama and a reminder that coverups and the legacy of predator priest sexual abuse still haunts this institution. Take a look:

Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese releases clergy names

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph on Friday released a list of 19 clerics who Bishop James Johnston Jr. said had substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of children against them. Of the 19 clerics named, 13 have died, two have been removed from ministry, and four have been laicized, or removed from the clerical state.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing new here as all of these names were out before and had been dealt with. This is just an historical summary list but that does not keep Judy Thomas and the Star from treating it as the 2019 Chiefs roster instead of the 1979 roster that it is.

Especially precious is the obligatory and customary quote from the disgraced former SNAP director who said, the diocese "had no excuse of hiding abusers’ names for any length of time." This from a guy who covered up for his abusive brother until he heard that they were coming for him. And as noted before, all of these names were released years ago and have been part of $20 million + in settlements.

For the Star, this is not about protecting kids. If it was, they would be demanding similar accountability from public schools where it has been shown that kids are up to 100x more likely to be abused. Or they would be calling other denominations where according to insurance companies, kids are equally likely to be abused but the one-off settlements don't get headlines. No, this is about silencing the opposition. When Bishop Finn arrived, the Star could no longer rely on the Church to "keep its place" politically and let the Star be the voice of morality. He went after them on embryonic stem cells, abortion and gay "marriage" and thus had to be destroyed. Thomas' Altar Boys Secret series was indeed recognized nationally. It was called out as sloppy and error-ridden (the only eye witness refuted everything so she left him out.) They successfully tainted the jury pool so Finn was advised not to let anything go to court and settle whatever showed up. He accepted a guilty plea on a non-accusation and resigned to stop the bleeding.

Now the new guy is going over the top to appear that the Church is back in its place with its tail between its legs. The Star might have lost 75% of its subscribers but it still knows how to get its way just like the old days.

Anonymous said...

Oh bullshit @7:49 - cite any evidence of what you say.
The Catholic Church has been and still is covering up this issue, which is still as condoned and widespread as ever.

If your Church wants any credibility, publish the names of priests who have had to have "emergency transfers" to another Parish over the last twenty years.

Anonymous said...

7:49 you're correct.

Judy Thomas and with the help of SNAP and attorney Randles are "hell bent" on running these stories.

Anonymous said...

11:12, the evidence, as provided by multiple independent investigations by law enforcement, published reports, and others is on the side of 7:49. The lack of credibility is on the Star and those who parrot their agenda.