Kansas City Catholic 'Fornication' Testimony Sparks Internets Outrage & Mockery

In 2011, a Kansas City Catholic bishop indicted for failure to report suspect child sex abuse since then, their statements on faith and morals have been largely suspect and met with rebuke by the public at large or at least online trolls. Here's a better write-up on a recent money quote:

Priest tells court 'fornication' - not pregnancy - reason unwed teacher fired

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - A Catholic priest says "fornication" not pregnancy was the problem in the case of a teacher who alleges that she was fired from a Catholic school in Kansas City, Missouri, because she was pregnant and unmarried. The Kansas City Star reports Father Joseph Cisetti testified Wednesday that he "praised" the decision of former St.


  1. Ban sex outside of marriage.

  2. Justified termination. She got fucked. End of story. You get fucked, you’re fired.

  3. Mercy, Mercy9/12/19, 7:40 PM

    ^^^ Isn't the inverse of that statement also correct for single moms?

  4. This proves beyond all possible argument that the Catholic Church is not "Po Life", it is "Anti Sex"!

  5. @7:40 - That mom got inverted alright! I hope she wins the lawsuit, if that's the only defense the school has. They deserve to lose.

  6. This is their defense? So what do you do with male teachers? I suspect this school and the diocese are about to be writing some checks.


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