Friday, September 20, 2019

Kansas City 'Can You See Me?' Painting Exhibit Debuts In Overland Park

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this recent exhibition speaks to TKC because of it's skill and craftsmanship but mostly because I just like the arrangement of colors . . .

Another decent description which hints at the power that men of good will have when they tell their story honestly . . .

"The six paintings in the Nerman’s Kansas Focus Gallery also deal with racism, and each has a commentary. All the works are single images of African-American men that can be read as self-portraits of the artist, as well as images of men like him."

Take a look:

"Harold D. Smith, Jr.: Can You See Me?," Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art - KC STUDIO

There are only seven paintings in Harold Smith's exhibit "Can You See Me?" but each is so vibrant, mighty, and disturbing that the show feels as expansive as a major museum installation. Smith labors in the trickiest of arenas: he juggles painting, protest and poetry in every artwork. The result?