Thursday, September 19, 2019

Kansas City Can-O-Que Debuts

Kansas City celebrates an old school mix of binge eating and functional alcoholism . . . Take a look:

Boulevard Brewing Co. and Rufus Teague Team Up On Barbecue Sauce in a Can

Barbecue and beer is an all-star pairing. Award-winning barbecue sauce maker Rufus Teague is taking the classic combination one step further with its new Can-O-Que, made in collaboration with Boulevard Brewing Co. Not only does Can-O-Que incorporate Boulevard's flagship Unfiltered Wheat beer in the sauce, but it's packaged in a 12-ounce beer can.


Anonymous said...

Looks like something Chimpy can spread on geezers to get him off.

Anonymous said...

I have a blue can of this stuff already. Bought it months ago at Hen House in Leawood. How is this unique or new? No mention of it being a series.

Anonymous said...

I swear hipsters can be tricked into buying anything. Over priced cheap ass sauce with some beer added. I've been making my own BBQ sauce for some 30 years now and it has bourbon and Budweiser both in it. So nothing new here. BBQ Pit Boys dump beer in almost everything they make. Blvd beer very overrated anyway.