Monday, September 23, 2019

Kansas City Best Of The Bar 2019 Debuts

Worthwhile news for our legal eagle friends and a tacit admission that paywalls bury more valuable content. Checkit:

KCBJ announces 2019 Best of the Bar honorees - Kansas City Business Journal

By introducing this year's 53 Best of the Bar honorees, the Kansas City Business Journal hopes to provide the business community with a guide of whom to seek for the highest-quality legal advice. Two years ago, KCBJ changed its process for selecting the Best of the Bar.


Anonymous said...

Haha best "advise" money can buy.

Anonymous said...

53 choices for Frank White and Gail Beatty

Anonymous said...

The attorneys PAY for those ratings.

Anonymous said...

But how are they at making a decent Mojito?
That's what's important, not how fast they can chase Ambulances!