Monday, September 16, 2019

Kansas City Back To The Monday Grind


Hottie Alexis and her backside have captivated the denizens of Instagram for a minute and right now she inspires our peek at American pop culture and the big picture . . .

New York Post: Butt-Con - The wildest scenes at NYC’s ‘Holey Experience’

Vanity Fair: Inside Butt-Con, Tushy Founder Miki Agrawal’s Latest Effort at Causing a Scene

The Cut: What the Hell Is Butt-Con?

Insider: I went to the first-ever Butt-Con and learned everything from how to wipe correctly to tricks for having the best sex of your life

Huff Post: A Night At Butt-Con, The Convention For Butt-Lovers -- Don’t be bummed if you missed it: Here are all the cheeky details.

Closer to home, here's a bevy of nicer but still important local news links for now . . .

No Time For Broke-Ass Fanboys

Chiefs tickets becoming a rarity as team success continues

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Chiefs tickets are selling at an all-time clip as the team continues its success following another easy win in their last trip to the Black Hole in Oakland, where they handled the Raiders 28-10 on Sunday.

Throwaway Excuse As KCMO Rape Kit Evidenced Burned

KCPD says evidence warehouse fire is unsolved, cause unknown. Best guess: a cellphone

On Aug. 23, fire damaged a Kansas City Police Department evidence warehouse at 5300 Municipal Ave. The extent of the damage is unclear, but attorneys worry some criminal cases may be affected. More than a year after fire ravaged a Kansas City Police Department evidence warehouse, destroying an unknown amount of material from shooting and sexual assault cases, police have found no cause for the blaze.

Favorite Headline Of The Day

Air Ambulances Woo Rural Kansans With Memberships That May Leave Them Hanging

FORT SCOTT, Kansas - On a hot June day, as the Good Ol' Days Festival was in full swing, 7-year-old Kaidence Anderson sat in the shade with her family waiting for a medevac helicopter to land. A crowd had gathered to see the display pre-arranged by staff at the town's historic fort.

Show-Me More Monkey Love

Missouri woman in legal battle to keep three emotional support monkeys

A Missouri woman is fighting to keep three monkeys she claims have provided her emotional support for years.

Pitch Promotes Fall Fun

Fall festivals-of the Waldo, Lost Township, and Oktober varieties-and more to do this week

Fill your bellies with half-price (yes, half price!) pizza during The Pitch's Pizza Week, which starts today and runs through Sunday. To snag this deal, stop in at Alamo Drafthouse, Bar Central, Crushed Red, Joe's Pizza Buy the Slice, Old Shawnee Pizza, Pizza Shuttle, Rosati's Pizza, and Zios Pizza.

Grandview Gunfire Winning

New police shooting range opens in Grandview

Police in Grandview say a newly built shooting range will help them train in more advanced and complex scenarios. "This is a state-of-the-art facility," said Grandview Sgt.

Late Lunch News Link

We're craving these vegan nachos right now

Wednesday night is taco night at The Bite in River Market, and every single table is full. Patrons are happily enjoying colorful plates of plant-based nachos, pozole and ceviche, chatting with one another, laughing like they're all in on a good secret.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

You train with hearing protection, when it comes time for live street fire the first shot will disorient you. Take some shots sans hearing protection so you don't get gun-shy.

Anonymous said...

Deaf guy says what?

Anonymous said...

This emotional support fad is getting out of control. Some lady on TV the other day has a miniature horse and forced the airlines to allow her to fly with it in the passenger compartment. Saw a dog a few months back attack another dog in HD and another time saw one take a piss on a pile of lumber. Guess it thought since it smelled like a tree it was okay to do so. If I was HD I would made them buy the whole bundle of 2X6's. Monkeys can be very temperamental and just go postal nuts for no reason. Lady a few years back same as had her face ripped off by one.
If you need emotional support and are to wacky to be married then join a group or get the hell out of the house and make friends.

Anonymous said...

^^^says the dope is doing exactly the opposite of that by spending your last remaining days on a blog making dumb comments in lieu of a life.

Anonymous said...

3:51 Chimpy calm down or no bananas for you! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

^^^You are SO right! Weird.

Anonymous said...

The monkey woman is an idiot which will shortly be proven by the three monkeys bringing a lawsuit against her.
Et tu, chimpy?

Anonymous said...

3:51 Did your "Libotomy" hurt?

Anonymous said...

where's the guy with the emotional support chihuahua? Supervising joe arapios brush clearing program for credits on your ATA transportation card.

Anonymous said...

and credit on you usa jobs [!} training card.