Kansas City Animal Control Workers Confront Pension Cuts After Pet Project Privatization

Fact is, nobody working at the KC Pet Project has the sweet benefits of City Hall work. Here's worthwhile concern about local animal handlers treated like dogs by way of this rush city decision. Checkit:

KCMO animal control workers fear losing jobs, pensions

City workers and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 500 worry the about the loss of jobs and pensions if the city of Kansas City, Missouri, follows through with its plan to privatize the Animal Control Division.


  1. its called neoliberalism. run and agency down , take over and gleen the profits like rahm Emanuel did in Chicago. I wll remind you tomorrow because you always forget.

  2. Now now now have some donuts and barbecue, put on your Mahomes hair and relax. Everything is going to be fine. KCMO leadership is at the helm!

  3. Be lucky you had a job. Most KCMO pensions are wasted on deadbeat employees. The Water Dept is a crime ring.

  4. This is the trademark of city manager, Troy Schulte. As usual, city employees are an after thought and the case made by his administration lacks clarity, transparency and projects his preference to outsource city services so he can use the funding somewhere else. I bet he already has plans to allocate the savings somewhere else in the budget.

    The city manager is a spin master that thrives on close door sessions to win over council members. The true outcome is rarely what is propagated initially and there is never any unbiased evaluation of the efficiency or effectiveness follow up.

  5. Truth is, the city manager doesn’t think much of the rank and file employees. As the creator of RIF, reduction in force practice that has been used to selectively terminate employees based on his personal subjectivity and resulted in millions in lawsuit settlements. But of course this information is not made public because of his use of nondisclosure agreements.

    If the new mayor allows this blatant lack of transparency to continue the citizens of Kansas City are truly on the loosing end.


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