Thursday, September 19, 2019

Kansas Anti-Vaxx Life Lesson?!?!

Herd immunity put to the test locally. Take a look:

Judge lets unvaccinated child stay in Kansas City school while family sues over rules

In 2017, a Johnson County couple who werefoster parents to their grandson say Kansas is rushing to immunize their grandson over their religious and health concerns. Video by Jill Toyoshiba and Tony Rizzo. Four families are suing Missouri schools and the state health department over vaccine requirements, calling the process of filing for an exemption a violation of religious freedom.


Anonymous said...

How do the fringe beliefs of two parents give them the right to put the health of every other child in their kid's school as risk?

At lest have the decency to home school him until he catches some disease that vaccination would have prevented and dies.

Anonymous said...

Complete and utter liberal bullshit...