Jackson County COMBAT Cash Cont'd

Not even the worst political vendettas we've seen in a generation can stop the desperate need to keep this local money machine rolling. Read more:

COMBAT receives money despite war of words over audit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The political kerfuffle over an independent audit released last week centered on mismanagement of Jackson County's COMBAT anti-drug program continued Monday during a meeting of the Jackson County Legislature. "I'm not questioning BKD's integrity," Jaime Masters, the county's acting chief operating officer told Jackson County legislators, said.


  1. We should use part of the Combat money for a good purpose, hiring a competent prosecutor. Jean Petersucker Baker is worthless.

  2. ^^^^ WRONG, @6:38, since she got her hands on the COMBAT cash, she's worth quite a tidy sum these days.

  3. @6:38am
    Unfortunately the prosecutor is an ELECTED position.
    And you're right, Peters-Baker is weak and mostly worthless.
    But look around at the other electeds in Jackson County and KCMO.
    Pretty sorry lot.
    And these are the kinds of folks, and in many cases the SAME people, who get elected and re-elected over and over again.
    The results speak for themselves.

  4. This bunch reacting to the audit is like the James Gang having a group hug.

  5. Considering..The 2/5 % of the voting elite...the sorry lot, are the non voters. So thank them elites, they should hold themselves with white gloves an away from blacklite.

  6. Can the state eliminate the combat tax?


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