Friday, September 06, 2019

Good Life in Mission, Kansas?!?!

It seems nice if it wasn't for the people . . . Here's a "community news" blog scheme making that point without realizing it. As always, it kills me to link this one:

Mission tops list of best cities in Kansas for middle class families

The website Simple Thrifty Living has released its list of the best places in the U.S. for middle class families, and Mission tops the rankings in Kansas. Using data on household income, taxes, housing prices, the job market and education, the site assigned scores in a variety of categories meant to assess livability.


Anonymous said...

Only SMP would come up with a lying POS story like that.

Anonymous said...

Mission police strip searched a soccer mom at the post office, outside in the parking lot cause her kids put pebbles in the post office mail slot. its video is on Youtube

Anonymous said...

And, an MPD dispatcher sent officers late at night to the wrong address on Beverly Lane that should have been Beverly Avenue. The sleeping young family was awakened to PD knocking loudly and demanding to speak with occupants. The not quite 30 yr old (great looking, about Rob Gronkowski sized) father of a new born opened his front door and was immediately body slammed to the floor. His young wife witnessed the takedown and excessive force used to handcuff her compliant spouse. This homeowner, a skilled tradesperson, was injured, bodily and beyond. He was awarded a sizeable $ettlement within a very short time. Responding officers, and other officers, personally apologized for the FUBAR.

Upon $ettlement award, I am glad that this good family moved to a NEW, REALLY NICE home in an upscale area. Their former Mission hood is starting to get more investors flipping homes to "rentals". Some blocks are showing hints of The Cleavers left the modest starter homes to get the Wallys and the Beavers into a "different" public school district!