Saturday, September 21, 2019

Golden Ghetto Giving Up On Blight Fight???

Quick glimpse at development stalling in JoCo as yet another sign of local cash drying up and the begining of harsh times. Take a look:

Overland Park may scrap Metcalf Crossing incentive package following project delays - The Sentinel

A delay may result in the city of Overland Park scrapping the Metcalf Crossing private-public partnership to demolish two old hotels and redevelop on the corner of Metcalf and Shawnee Mission Parkway. Performance milestones included in an agreement between the city and the developer require that the developer of the property demolish existing, dilapidated hotels on the property by September 30.


Anonymous said...

Put in some section 8 housing the rich need diversification to be good Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Give the land to the Mission Ks developer who is doing the Gateway project!