Ft. Riley Solider Arrest Sparks Debate Over Online Discourse: Troll Or Terrorist???

This case could turn into a fascinating FREE SPEECH discussion given the defense tactics. Already we've seen some arguments regarding the dude's mental state . . . What we know for sure is that the Feds are watching online comments and they're smarter and have better tech than even the most savvy keyboard warriors.

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Fort Riley soldier pleads not guilty to charges including distributing bomb-making instructions

TOPEKA, Kan. -- A prosecutor alleged in federal court Thursday that Fort Riley soldier charged with distributing information about building bombs is a Satanist who plotted to overthrow the U.S. government. His attorney said he's only an internet troll caught "spouting off" online.


  1. Our nation's finest.

  2. DAFUQ? Military is supposed to take grunts and force integration into a regimented military. They didn't even shave this duds head?

  3. He is really cute.
    Wonder if he is available Saturday night?
    I want to explore that ginger bush.

  4. Should be arrested for that Haircut.

  5. No way is he current military.


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