Thursday, September 12, 2019

Former Columnist Yael Abouhalkah Returns To Start Kansas City Ruckus

A conversation with a newspaper man after the conclusion of his dead-tree career provides a fitting conclusion for #TBT posting.

Check the description regarding tonight's mostly municipal discussion among the denizens of Kansas City's GOLD STANDARD of political discourse . . .

"Mike Shanin talks to former KC Star editorial writer and Ruckette Yael Abouhalkah about his recent Peace Corps experience in Namibia. Michele Watley, Jim Heeter, Patrick Tuohey and Steve Mirakian discuss the debate over implementing bike lanes in Kansas City, the speculation about moving Kauffman Stadium downtown and Mike Pompeo's recent visit and odds for him entering the Senate race in Kansas."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I didn't agree with him much when he was writing for The Star but I will say that it's nice to see a former newspaper worker do something productive with their time or at least try to have a good retirement rather than posting on some dumb blog or attempting to get into politics.

He is entitled to his opinions but I never distrusted his accuracy even if he was totally wrong in his support for Mayor Funkhouser.

Anonymous said...

^^^ No idea what you're talking about. He's still getting political and basically campaigning against Kris Kobach during his segment.

Superficial Plaza Douche said...

What's a newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Oh Barf

Cgc said...

Damn sam, I gave this guy 5 bucks and then he just quit blogging. What I rip. I hope he didn't give my money to one of his students!

Think about it.

slow the fuck down said...

Cycle on the sidewalk with big ass tires.
The city doesn't comply with ADA.
How the fuck do wheelchair people do it.

I can barely ride on the sidewalk.
Comply or get the fuck out!

Steve,what's his name, is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

10:36: No idea what you're talking about. The Ruckettes discussed Krazy Kris, but I don't recall Yael saying anything about him at all.

Anonymous said...

Great a Libtard big mouth returns to KC. F__k him.

Anonymous said...

And yet he's interesting and you're... not. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Evidently his Peace Corp gig was not profitable and he gave it up.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Did you find your Peace Corps gig profitable?

Anonymous said...


...where 5 white guys and 1 black woman dispense municipal propaganda, paid-consultant boilerplate, and rogue independent opinion.

Yael Abouhalkah = White Guy
Patrick Tuohey = White Guy
Michele Watley = Black Female
Jim Heeter = White Guy
Steve Mirakian = White Guy
Mike Shanin = White Guy