Friday, September 20, 2019

Fact: Kansas City Advocates For 'Local Control' Accuse KCPD Of Murder

Irresponsible activists are mixing a push for bad policy with an emotional grief-stricken argument so that they can avoid any tough questions or debate about the wisdom of a move that mostly serves to push KCPD pensions closer to the hands of wasteful 12th & Oak politicos.

And so the plight of this family suffering a tragic loss overwhelms any rational conversation the community deserve to have about local police control.

The tactic is disgraceful, repugnant and uses very real human suffering as a political prop . . . Tragically, local news won't call them out on the disgusting stratagem.

Take a look:

Family Of Man Shot And Killed By Kansas City Police Questions Official Version Of Events

Faith-based advocacy group More2 is demanding justice from the Kansas City Police Department following the fatal police shooting of Terrence Bridges in May. The group is calling for an indictment of the officer who killed him. The KCPD said on May 26, they responded to 911 calls about a domestic violence incident involving a firearm.


Anonymous said...

Kinda like Michael Brown in St. Louis. This family and their circle of enablers would rather make up their own "facts' rather than accept the truth. Sorry, you're son was a violent person.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +10000000

Anonymous said...

There are pros and cons to both the idea of local control and state control. It really doesn't make that much difference. What people fail to realize is that police departments are monopolies. They have no competition so therefore they can do whatever they want. They can be lazy, incompetent and unethical all they want because at the end of the day they will continue to get a free pass from the citizens because what other option do they have?

Anonymous said...

7:17 FTW

Anonymous said...

That's an old one there - well past life expectancy, especially given he came from Chicago. And this More2 outfit - all they do is engender the crime cycle through their excuses for thugs. KCUR, you report that the facts are being distorted -- how?? Tell us! How about some journalism?? All they can report is "he came here to escape the violence"...he was the violence. Good riddance. That Dr. Howard is a POS also...PhD of what?? Guarantee he is quasi-literate.