Fact Checking Bike/Walk KC

Our favorite number crunchers take this local special interest to task with an accounting of their sketchy proposal they want to pass on to taxpayers. Take a peek:

Bike Walk KC's Fuzzy Math and Incorrect Claims

Kansas City leaders have been considering a proposal to spend millions on a bicycle master plan for the city. The effort has sparked controversy, and advocacy group BikeWalkKC's executive director Eric Rogers appeared on KCPT's Ruckus last week to discuss the matter.


  1. Hey Patrick,
    While I agree with you almost all the time you're article here is way off the mark.
    Why do you or anyone focus on how many people use a bicycle to get around?
    How about my right to ride on the street without getting flattened?

    There are an increasing number of city dwellers that are coming to realize that owning and operating a car is not a necessity, like it is in the suburbs.
    So they make the plunge and ride a bike, but soon discover that it is extremely dangerous. It doesn't need to be.

    The cars keep getting wider and wider together with the ass size of Mr. and Mrs. Fried Chicken. The least society can do is give me some space from these fat motherfuckers. How about a bike lane? At least a small one.

  2. Never had an issue biking here in Midtown until Slie opened the gates and the Kardashian invasion began.

  3. Eric Bunch is still listed as working for BikeWalkKC. If he's receiving any compensation from them while serving on the City Council--especially as Vice Chair of Transportation, Infrastructure and Operations--it would be a major conflict of interest.

  4. Recall Bunch!!

  5. Owning and operating a car is definitely a necessity for me thank you so very much !

  6. Pay upkeep on the fucking Streets9/24/19, 9:38 PM

    @7:44 why don't you riders use the Bike Lanes that have been installed rather than riding on the sidewalks?

  7. .02 % ride bikes in nice weather. What a friggen joke.

  8. Dimitrios Kazamstampons9/25/19, 7:26 AM

    Evidently Eric "Spandex" Bunch and the rest of the council are unconcerned about the failing infrastructure left over from the failed Slie regimen.

  9. I only dislike bicyclists because of their attitudes. Isn't the B in bikers the same B as in the LGBTQ? That is a group of about 0.02% of the population that is radically pushing for special treatment as well. I'll bet they are connected.
    No we don't need to build anymore stupid bike lanes on roads like Armour (road or blvd, either one) anymore. If you factor in the recreational bikers you still can't get to 5% of BikeKC's claims. These people, the Eric's (Bunch and Rogers) are liars and should be charged with a crime for intentionally giving false information.

  10. Bike/Walk KC is not serving Kansas City. Lots of tax dollars for car haters. Eric Bunch DOES have a conflict of interest and should recuse himself on all matters related to bikes. He has always been a one issue individual.


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