Saturday, September 07, 2019


This town continues to sacrifice small biz in order to enforce political correctness. Here's more deets and a great report on how this group was sacrificed by local leadership. Read more:

Food trucks, vendors looking elsewhere this month due to First Friday changes after deadly shooting

According to the Crossroads Community Association, the event lost its general liability insurance because of the murder. That means food trucks, art vendors and performers are not allowed on the sidewalks for this month's event. There won't be any street closures either.


Anonymous said...

No problem.
Just park those trucks where the huge crowds hang out at 18th and Vine and rake in those bucks.
And stay until the early morning hours when the real customers might show up.
Or park at the end of THE streetcar lines and offer your menu to the tens of millions of riders and tourists.
All the "progress" in KCMO offers a myriad of opportunities!

Anonymous said...

"food trucks, art vendors and performers"

Please don't come to our neighborhood please.

Thank you

chuck said...

Black people kill, so..., the obvious thing to do, is BAN Food Trucks.

America is so politically correct that we are now, completely Dissociative.

BAN this, BAN that and keep telling the wet by every rain, blown by every wind, low information Progressive, that if we do, everything will be ok and, as an added bonus, the ever present, behind every bush and rock threat of White Supremacy will end.

It's Orwellian. The Main Stream Media (Read: Ministry Of Truth) repeats every day, every minute every second, that "Good Think" Progressives (Oceania) must fight every day against the ever present threat (That does not exist) of the Evil White Patriarchy - so - BANNING (Read: "Controlling") every aspect of our lives by our "Good Think" superiors in the Federal Government (Read: Deep State/Progressive/Fascists) is what is needed for a happy life in "Metropolis".

Fuckin liars.

If a Progressive's lips are moving, the he/she/it/Alphabet People are lying.

Anonymous said...

Well it takes one ignorant person raise by parents who are ignorant to kill an innocent girl for no reason and ruin it for everyone. Point your finger at the city of Kansas City administration they are to blame and this is a racist issue don't for one minute think it's not otherwise they would do something to stop blacks from killing in this city.

Anonymous said...

Carnival of Errors

Anonymous said...

People kill people

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell on the board of the Crossroads Community Association thought turning First Fridays into a cheap street circus was even a good idea to begin with?

Charles Whitman said...

Insurance companies aren't in the business of paying out. I'm not surprised they cancelled the liability insurance. If the food trucks are so hard up, why don't they pay for own insurance.

Anonymous said...

Food trucks are a business and sometimes businesses fail, not our fault they created a business that is touch and go, cut your loses and go home. Not the taxpayers responsibility to pay your insurance. Maybe you should have set aside some of your profits to pay for it, everybody else has to.

Anonymous said...


Q: Why did the chicken CROSSROADS?

A: Because they got BATTERED at 12th and Oak!!!

Anonymous said...

Your food truck hurt nobody. Neither did my guns. Lets register everything...

Anonymous said...

Been to FF and dealt with the food trucks. Food is one tiny step up from the local burger joints, but with an added special sauce. Gasoline fumes. Nothing like trying to communicate over the roar of generators. Ugh.