Wednesday, September 18, 2019


A not-so-stunning conclusion to a recent report . . .


Normally, TKC wouldn't call out a bureaucrat but she's a former elected official politico who has yelled at Latino protesters repeatedly in public mistakenly thinking that word wouldn't get around regarding her blatant disrespect toward Westside community leaders.

But I digress, again this missive is worth a read regarding the THREAT OF THE BIGGEST TAX INCREASE IN KANSAS CITY HISTORY . . .

Consultant to Jackson County suggests all properties be reappraised

JACKSON COUNTY, MO (KCTV) - A consultant who made hundreds of thousands of dollars behind the scenes in Jackson County's tax assessment disaster is sharing more about what went wrong. John Q. Ebert specializes in helping counties with mass appraisals.


Anonymous said...

If only incompetence was grounds for removal for Jackson County or KCMO government!
Or maybe even a criterion for hiring or electing someone in the first place.
Just a couple of big taxpayer feedbags with an endless menagerie of clowns living large.
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

Gail Beatty has a habit and history of lying, being manipulative and using her position of authority with abuse, neglect and irresponsibility. The consultant is now obligated to say everybody deserves a re-assessment - and he’s right... but he was right about 6 months ago when he eluded to officials that there was an issue. There has been a known issue. Instead of coming to the surface, telling everybody the truth and limit spending on consultants who don’t really contribute to the process, they let this debacle go on unabated for months and is still continuing now, all at the expense of taxpayers. Gail’s only objective in life is to get access to public cash, just like her corrupt co-conspirators at Freedom Inc. Look up the board members of that organization - that tells you everything you need to know.

Anonymous said...

I am curious. How did the county officials think this was going to end?

Did they seriously think people would accept this foolishness?

Anonymous said...

"Emails from county leaders say homeowners should just get a loan to pay their property taxes"

Last minute of video.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ NOPE. We should sign a petition to recall Frank White.

Anonymous said...

^^^Don't stop with White, throw all those dumb asses who work there out the door.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Agree, as long as the action includes EVERY JACKSON COUNTY LEGISLATOR now in office.

Anonymous said...

Even the consultant Ebert says everything is fucked up and the assessment numbers can't be trusted.

This is one seriously fucked up city.

Anonymous said...

So why is no one asking Ebert how long he has been consulting for the county?
This maybe his 3rd reassessment he has be involved in, but cant answer why it is still broken. Just an out of state consultant sucking on the teat of our tax dollars with nothing but a mess to show for it. The whole department is a mess and anyone that could get out, got out years ago, because they could see this clusterF coming. All parties involved at the county should be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all of this reporting by Angie Ricono and KCTV 5. But what is being done to help us out? Levy rates are due Oct. 1. That's when we find out exactly how much our taxes are going up that have to be paid by Dec. 31. Not much time to budget for big increases for increased mortgage payments or the lump sum payment for those who don't have a mortgage. I don't see anyone helping us at either the county or state level. Who has the power to stop this re assessment now, freeze the rates at current, and start all over?

Anonymous said...

Apparently this is the only sliver of hope at the moment 10:03.

Jackson County, MO Legislator Crystal Williams, Second District At-Large
23 hrs ago Sept 17th.
As a reminder, here is how to pay your Jackson County real property taxes under protest.

How to pay your taxes under protest in Jackson County, MO:

1) Pay taxes in full by check or money order

2) Write, "Paid under protest" on the memo line

3) Include a letter to the Collector stating why you are paying under protest.

4) If you are only paying part of your taxes in protest, specifically indicate what amount is under protest and what amount is not.

For more information see Missouri Revised Statute 139.031

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Hell Inc - Frank White Chief Executive Officer

Jackson County, MO Legislator Crystal Williams, Second District At-Large
September 16 at 8:11 PM ·
This is a series, 2nd installment is tonight @ 10.

We were all lied to. Repeatedly. Not only that, the Frank White administration repeatedly gaslighted us, trying to come up with ways to blame my constituents for their mistakes, and ridiculing me in a press release because I was publicly demanding they stop the process and come up with a multi-year plan to address the mess. How dare they put taxpayers through this hell, when they knew exactly what was coming. People need to tender their resignation or be fired. Now.

Further, we owe deep gratitude to investigative journalist Angie Ricono, KCTV 5. She unearthed information throughout this debacle (good word, debacle, Theresa Galvin) that the legislature and public couldn't access otherwise, and reported with great professionalism and compassion. Thank you to Angie. There will be a couple more reports generated by new information in the emails.

Anonymous said...

Recall Frank White!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@10:10 EVERYONE who pays in full and not through a mortgage payment needs to do this. We must starve the beast. I am passing the word amongst my friends and neighbors.

Anonymous said...

^^Oh boy!! All two of you will make a difference! Yippee!

Anonymous said...

If you pay in protest you should inquire about any continuing fines and interest, and also the length of time to receive a refund if you are due one after all is said and done. See if you can get it in writing!