Even Afentra Know Terrestrial Radio Is Dead

A cryptic tweeet from this Kansas City talker signals the end of an era . . . The conclusion of a comeback experiment . . . One less avenue for local celebrity . . . And 5 weeks of an upcoming desperate podcast/crowdfunding campaign which media-savvy locals must soon endure.

Big picture news item on the topic worth a look:

CNBC: Would you care if music disappeared from FM radio? You may only have a decade to save it

You decide: . . . .


  1. I'm a giant music fan and never listen to FM radio. Deregulation of the 90s ruined it. It used to be one company could own a maximum seven radio stations, now three companies own almost all of them. Giant corporations have ruined FM radio. If you're under 25 years old you don't remember but radio used to be great. So much diverse music that the DJ's themselves picked out, not a program director 1000 miles away. Let it die, they did it to themselves and they deserve it.

  2. Just because one DJ has bad ratings does not mean radio is dead. Many stations have been around for years. If they weren't making money they wouldn't still be in business.

  3. After carefully considering her talents, I suggest a career change to porn. Chubby milfs can get love there. Your welcome.

  4. Charles Whitman9/21/19, 10:32 AM

    I liked Affedra on the Buzz and later, oñ the other Modern Rock station. I seldom agreed with her points of view. She wasn't as offensive, to me, as Lazlo. I wish her success, whatever she decides to do.

  5. She's a hack. People want FM radio to be a juke box. No talking. No boomer humor, just good music. You get that on Sat Radio. Your IPhone, Spotify, ect.

  6. Why advertise on the Radio. People change the station BEFORE YOU CAN SAY CALL NOW

  7. Stay left of 92.0 on the FM dial, plenty of great music on four public stations. Just have to egnore the pinko left wing talking between the music shows.

  8. I have about 5 thumb drives with mp3s I listen in the car. I can drive cross country and not hear two songs twice. I got weather radar on my cell phone and when I get to a hotel I check in on TKC for all local news update and Kim Kardasian photos!


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