Embattled Clay County Stand Up Against Missouri Audit Anonymously

A bold note making a great many criticism without the courage of a signature from this local government body that now mostly reacts to a Facebook bully group. Read more:

Clay County officials still silent on unsigned statement

Taxpayers still don't know who was responsible for writing unsigned statements representing Clay County Commissioners on a hotly contested state audit of the county.Not all commissioners agreed with last week's official county statement criticizing state Auditor Nicole Galloway.Clay County Commissioners debated Monday the need to identify the people writing those releases.




    They CAN'T be allowed to continue to defy the State Laws, or County Rules, or any other law they might feel threatened by, neither of them is named Trump.

  2. Ridgeway is a solid conservative while Nolte and Owen are empty suits drawing $78,000 a year for say 100 hours of work A YEAR.

  3. Nutle has made great effort to create controversy since his first day on the commission. Zero effort to work with others to address problems. He and the rest of his sick chicken friends will have to return to their rotten roost someday; and they will to live with all the bitterness they caused. Bad karma from false malicious attacks to injure others can cause mental and physical illness to the perpetrator. Cancer from bad karma is tragic.

  4. ^^^Ridgeway is a thief, lining her own pockets with bribes from her list of developers.

    Solidly conservative crook or solidly liberal crook, what's the difference? She's allied herself with a Democrat (Owen) and against another one (Nolte). Name one "Conservative" principle she's ever paid more than lip service to, especially at election time.

    What's her next move, wrapping herself in the Flag while waving a Bible?

  5. "Have to live" with themselves.

  6. A wise TKC comment from February 2019.
    Anonymous said...
    I fully support this audit.
    However, I am disturbed by the motivations of those driving the audit and Galloway's behavior. Most auditors quietly go about their work and in the end release an audit report. This auditor, Galloway, started off by grandstanding in press releases and interviews. She has made disparaging comments about the County, some commissioners, and staff. She has joined in with a group led by Jason Withington and Presiding Commissioner Jerry Nolte. Jason Withington is not held in high esteem by anyone except himself. He has no credibility in the community and has his own political ambitions. Nolte is using the audit in retribution against the other commissioners that he doesn't get a long with. The whole audit effort was deeply political at the start. It isn't about a group of citizens desiring a well run county. It is an effort to drive two people out of office and make Nolte and Withington prosper politically. Although the results of an audit may result in findings that reflect poorly on people, including office holders, and even criminal charges, this should not be the motivation. Galloway should have recognized this and insulated her office from it. Instead, she has behaved very unprofessionally and she now has no credibility.
    Now we have Senator Arthur introducing legislation making it possible to remove the two targeted commissioners. Senator, you are pandering to Withington and Nolte.
    To date, I don't see anyone wanting to do an audit. This is about Nolte, Withington, Galloway, and Arthur wanting to get two commissioners thrown out of office.
    I think Galloway should step back and hire a third party audit firm to complete a professional audi

  7. The Nolte crime story is developing.
    After Nolte's brother was shot to death in Gladstone in a probable drug robbery, Nolte's sister tried to cover up the investigation by calling elected officials around the area.
    Tipster insiders are coming forward with details. Nolte has made many enemies in the northland because of his attitude and behavior of pandering to developers and big business interests at the expense of taxpayers. Confirmed by multiple sources is that members of group and developer have been involved with illegal steroids. A victimless crime like arson of lumberyards?

  8. ^^^ but nick nolte seems like such a nice guy. I like him in that movie with Barbra Streisand!

  9. There go the standard "cut and paste" word-for-word attacks on Nolte!
    It seems that some "concerned Clay County citizen" (Luanne? Gene?) doesn't even have enough respect for the rest of us to bother re-typing this horseshit every time the disastrous shenanigans that the two out of control assholes in Liberty get mentioned here.

    Does that "concerned citizen" (initial "L" or "O"?) really think that these LIES are gong to be swallowed by anyone not on their payroll or benefiting from their raids on Taxpayer's money?

    MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN you two, "You have been measured, and found wanting". (Daniel 5.25)

  10. Fellows citizens, just Keep on hoping for an audit report that throws Luann and Gene out of office, keep selling that chief pettyioner, keep stalking the media who won’t even return your OMG calls, boy who cried wolf, not one thing is going to happen to Gene and Luann.


    Still nothing but wannabe hysteria

  11. Please provide list of developer contribs to LuAnn and Owen.

    Nolte first contribution in 2014:

    Craig Porter $5,000.

    Other multiples from Tim Harris.

    Both mega-TIf players. No connection with any beneficial or charitable organizations.

    Porter $5,000 went to Jeff Roe criminal liars that try to steal elections by hook or by crook.

    Multiple false attacks against Owen in last election.

  12. @Jesse James, " Jeff Roe criminal liars that try to steal elections by hook or by crook." so you're saying Luann Ridgeway was an illegitimate State Senator then? She begged Jeff Roe to run her campaign back in 2004.

  13. Jesse Sad for Clay County9/24/19, 1:12 PM

    Thot so, no list of developer contribs to LuAnn and Owen.
    Take your Saul Alinsky lies and join him in his eternal torment.

  14. Jesse James Will Ride Again9/24/19, 3:49 PM

    Someone should look at how LuAnne used her PAC, Standup Northland, to launder money to friends who ended up getting contracts with the county. Also, why is LuAnne's pac receiving money from Ameristar. Could it be that she wanted to build a convention center/casino on Smithville Lake across the street from her buddy Todd Graves property? Wait a sec, the Graves are connected to Jeff Roe. And Jeff Roe is the instigator of all this.

  15. Ed O'Herin, why do you keep posting your Jeff Roe conspiracy anonymously?


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