Electric Scooter Skepticism Ramps Up In Kansas City And Across The Nation

Worthwhile THINK PIECE SUGGESTED BY AN AWESOME TKC READER about this future transit that empowers, emboldens and also endangers denizens of Kansas City streets. Checkit:

Scooters are a huge problem for cities. No one knows how to solve it yet

In the Wild West of transportation, no one knows what to do about scooters.


  1. Ban them.

  2. Had to drive through the city market area this afternoon. Between the wonky pedestrians, the traffic blocking folly trolly, the cyclists and the scooter people ... it was like being miniaturized in a pinball machine. Pure crazy.

  3. Coon Creek mounty9/2/19, 7:23 PM

    ^^ How dare cyclists invade and terrorize the city market. They are supposed to be riding in their safe space on Armour. Councilman "Spandex" Bunch will not be happy to hear this.

  4. CNN? No thanks. Vote with you dollar and your clicks everyday.

  5. The fact my city has spent $150 million on a half mile train track to nowhere is a far bigger transportation problem than entrepreneurs renting scooters to paying customers

  6. I just throw them in the trash dumpster.


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